Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Critical Thinking 6

When the news airs each night, right before a commercial, they say something like, "And coming up next, its in dinner every night, what could be killing your children." Stuff like this is really unnecessary, it creates fear. A way to get a more accurate picture of issues such as this could be the Internet, if you went straight to the source, or you could ask a trusted intelligent friend. The media usually has good information, but they normally twist it to the way that they want you to hear it. One must take in the media with a grain of salt.

Pre-reading 4

There has never been any crime in the neighborhoods that i have lived in. I get my sources of information from my parents and the news. I have never been the victim of a crime and i hope i never will be. I think crime is the most evident in low income areas, because people with low income usually don't go to school, are not educated, and have nothing better to do. It really is too bad. My parents have avoided those kinds of places to live, and it looks like it has payed off because i have never been the victim of a crime.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Critical Thinking 5

The media gives a lot of things a false sense of what they truly are. One of these i have found to be teen magazines. They make teens seem like they are always happy, on the move and rich enough to buy all the expensive items featured in the magazine. I am not saying this because i don't like these magazines actually Seventeen is my favorite magazine and i cherish receiving it once a month. But i have just found these few things to be quite annoying. They will showcase a spring look, but they make it seem like the only way you can achieve that look is by buying all the makeup and clothes they show. Teens generally do not have enough money to buy all these expensive clothes.