Monday, January 26, 2009

Critical Thinking 2

I am currently reading "New Moon" the second book from the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. The main character, Bella has just recently been faced with a problem of sorts. Her vampire lover, Edward has left her without a word and for no reason. Her life is now crushed. Bella had promised Edward that she would not do anything stupid or reckless. For many months after his disappearance, she numbs herself. Now, after five months she realizes that Edward hasn't kept any promises to her so why should she keep this empty promise to him? This is the problem she is faced with. Bella, not being perfectly rational but acting upon emotion decided to do the most reckless thing she can do; buy a motorcycle. Even though she knows nothing about them or even how to ride them. What Bella is kind of trying to do here is do everything Edward doesn't want her to do. Why should she not? He left her heartlessly. So here is a perfect example of a character faced with a problem and not exactly dealing with it perfectly, but dealing with it humanly.

Pre-Reading 2

Over the last few days I have seen a lot of weight loss ads on sites such as Myspace [which I frequently visit] I noticed that the advertising companies are taking a different standpoint than usual. The ads show girls that could be anywhere, in this class, you best friend, whoever. Just a regular plain Jane who lost a bunch of weight. There are "before" and "after" pictures but the "after" pictures are not perfect like a model, there are still imperfections. I think what the advertisers are trying to do is market to the skeptics, the ones who scoff at the perfect stomachs of the models they show for most of the weight loss ads.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Critical Thinking 1

Critical thinking to me is looking at a situation and really putting your mind to it. Throwing out all other people's opinion and just looking at your own self and what you think. I guess I would say I think critically when I need to figure something complicated out. I definitely thought critically when I had to figure out all my stuff for school. This is my first semester in college and it is a lot on my plate, so I had to really stop and think. Usually when I am not thinking critically is when I am trying to lie or something, because I am not too good at it. I don't pause, I just babble and dig my own grave in a sense. But I dont lie all that much, so dont worry...

Pre-Reading 1

I love being social, but my conduct varies in each social situation I am in. For example, when I am with my family I am a little more quiet and composed than when I am with my friends. I get very shy when I am with strangers. I like to be the center of conversation and attention at all times. Sometimes I find myself, half interrupting someone and relaying a similar anecdote from my life, because sometimes I find it more interesting. I know this sounds stuck up but, I swear to you, I am not stuck up. I prefer a small conversation as opposed to a big one, because then everyone can have more of a chance to speak their mind. I have a small group of very close friend that are almost like family. Even though we get in fights, we know that we are eachother rock. My group really works because it consists of two couples. My boyfriend and his best friend, Ryan have been friends since third grade, and when Ryan started dating his girlfriend, Marianne about a year ago, we just clicked. Now Marianne and I are best friends and the boys are best friends and its quite the exciting dynamics, really. =]]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First one!

Well, you can probably already tell that my name is Andrea. My full name is Andrea Marie Christine Novotny. I'm pretty happy to be finally taking courses at Sierra because i decided to take a break after high school and work last semester, I really didn't like it though. I have a close group of friends, I have never really been the one for large groups. My boyfriend is Jason Howell, who is actually in this class. We have been dating since our junior year of high school, hes a really great guy and super funny. I'm shy at first when I'm not in my comfort zone but when I get in that comfort zone I have been known for being extremely silly or not shutting up. I want to go to San Diego State or UC San Diego, there I want to get my Bachelors in Animal Science. The career path that I would most want to take would be training exotic animals for the silver screen [animal celebrities!] I just adore tigers. Some other things I like are fashion and swimming. That's pretty much all for now. Ta ta!