Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pre-Reading 3

Tv has not played an important part in my life; especially when I was younger. My family was Waldorf [look it up] so the television was not on very much at all. I was forbidden to watch the TV so I relished it at friends houses. As I grew older, the TV laws become looser. My dad got cable and now I have to watch my certain television shows. When I was younger the only TV I watched was when I was home alone on days that i was sick. We only got PBS so I got addicted to shows like "Clifford" and "Between the Lions" I never watched "Spongebob" or "Blues Clues" like most of my friends. Televsion did not make a big impact on my young education either, because Waldorf did not have any televsions [and I'm glad about that]. I dont think TV is an important part of education, I just think it was a thing that teachers use when they are tired, and a thing that students think is fun.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Critical Thinking 4

The main hallmarks of critical reading are really understanding what you are reading. Not just skimming and getting the gist of it, I mean understanding what the writer is trying to get across. When you just read a text, you are doing just that, reading it; when you are reading it critically, that's when you can really understand it. I would say the difference between regular listening and critical listening is the same as the reading. Really understanding it. A person can listen critically and have any opinion, just because you are listening critically doesn't mean you have to agree with what is being said.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Critical Thinking 3

1. How can I deal with my friend who regularly says she cannot hang out but when its my turn to deny her, she acts like its a huge deal? As if my life were much less as important as hers.

2. How can I best deal with the situation of my parents [Mother] not accepting the most important person in my life? A person who will be in my life for many years to come, and he has proven himself time and time again, therefore she has absolutely no reason to not accept him.