Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pre-Reading 3

Tv has not played an important part in my life; especially when I was younger. My family was Waldorf [look it up] so the television was not on very much at all. I was forbidden to watch the TV so I relished it at friends houses. As I grew older, the TV laws become looser. My dad got cable and now I have to watch my certain television shows. When I was younger the only TV I watched was when I was home alone on days that i was sick. We only got PBS so I got addicted to shows like "Clifford" and "Between the Lions" I never watched "Spongebob" or "Blues Clues" like most of my friends. Televsion did not make a big impact on my young education either, because Waldorf did not have any televsions [and I'm glad about that]. I dont think TV is an important part of education, I just think it was a thing that teachers use when they are tired, and a thing that students think is fun.

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