Sunday, July 5, 2009


The other night, I had the worst dream of my life...I woke up at 8am [early for me] crying, and thinking of the horrible thought still stuck in my mind.

The beginning is vague, there was a small man, he looked kind of like the Leprechaun [sorry, no pic, don't want to uglify my blog lol] this man was very evil. A family took him in for some reason and I think he started to feel bad about his ways. So to repent he decided to make a better version of him, but since he was evil he made it out of corpses, like Frankenstein. This "creation" was meant to have a good heart but something went wrong and he was fifty times worse than his creator, and by doing sick and twisted things he honestly thought were good.
One day the creation did something horrible to the son of the family, and the boy was going to die. For some reason the boy was erected onto a tall wooden structure with his mother and others below crying for him.
I was watching this all in my dream exactly like a movie, as the "screen" panned up, I saw the land begin to flood with water and I thought the boy was going to have a nerve treatment to die quickly but as I came closer he was alive and in horrible pain, he lay there with six foot blades tied to his wrists, and I kept panning up.
That was the picture that stuck in my mind.

I just thought I would share mom has done a lot of discerning but I was wondering what you all thought.


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