Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre-Reading 1

I love being social, but my conduct varies in each social situation I am in. For example, when I am with my family I am a little more quiet and composed than when I am with my friends. I get very shy when I am with strangers. I like to be the center of conversation and attention at all times. Sometimes I find myself, half interrupting someone and relaying a similar anecdote from my life, because sometimes I find it more interesting. I know this sounds stuck up but, I swear to you, I am not stuck up. I prefer a small conversation as opposed to a big one, because then everyone can have more of a chance to speak their mind. I have a small group of very close friend that are almost like family. Even though we get in fights, we know that we are eachother rock. My group really works because it consists of two couples. My boyfriend and his best friend, Ryan have been friends since third grade, and when Ryan started dating his girlfriend, Marianne about a year ago, we just clicked. Now Marianne and I are best friends and the boys are best friends and its quite the exciting dynamics, really. =]]

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