Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First one!

Well, you can probably already tell that my name is Andrea. My full name is Andrea Marie Christine Novotny. I'm pretty happy to be finally taking courses at Sierra because i decided to take a break after high school and work last semester, I really didn't like it though. I have a close group of friends, I have never really been the one for large groups. My boyfriend is Jason Howell, who is actually in this class. We have been dating since our junior year of high school, hes a really great guy and super funny. I'm shy at first when I'm not in my comfort zone but when I get in that comfort zone I have been known for being extremely silly or not shutting up. I want to go to San Diego State or UC San Diego, there I want to get my Bachelors in Animal Science. The career path that I would most want to take would be training exotic animals for the silver screen [animal celebrities!] I just adore tigers. Some other things I like are fashion and swimming. That's pretty much all for now. Ta ta!

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