Monday, January 26, 2009

Critical Thinking 2

I am currently reading "New Moon" the second book from the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. The main character, Bella has just recently been faced with a problem of sorts. Her vampire lover, Edward has left her without a word and for no reason. Her life is now crushed. Bella had promised Edward that she would not do anything stupid or reckless. For many months after his disappearance, she numbs herself. Now, after five months she realizes that Edward hasn't kept any promises to her so why should she keep this empty promise to him? This is the problem she is faced with. Bella, not being perfectly rational but acting upon emotion decided to do the most reckless thing she can do; buy a motorcycle. Even though she knows nothing about them or even how to ride them. What Bella is kind of trying to do here is do everything Edward doesn't want her to do. Why should she not? He left her heartlessly. So here is a perfect example of a character faced with a problem and not exactly dealing with it perfectly, but dealing with it humanly.

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